Steve Tanner for Idaho
Legislative District 13B

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The Issues

  • Suppression of 1st Amendment rights – Covid restrictions on free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom to worship
  • Assault on 2nd Amendment rights – red flag laws
  • Election Integrity – We need to insure that our election process records your votes as you marked them. No mail-in ballots or ballot drop-boxes.
  • CRT, SEL, Critical Queer theory, and transgenderism taught in schools
  • Medical Freedom – many people lost jobs because companies required them to be “vaccinated”
  • Medicaid needs to be reduced.  The new limit is at approximately $4.5 Billion, up from $3.1 Billion in one year. Over 450,000 residents are on Medicaid or CHIP.
  • Over-taxation – Homeowners bear the burden while paying for more infrastructure for high-density housing residents. Meanwhile, the state has $1.5 billion surplus yet homeowners have not seen significant tax relief.
  • The threat of ESG invading our banking and financial systems

Why I am running

  • Our 1st Amendment and 2A freedoms are being threatened
  • We are being overtaxed – homeowners are disproportionately bearing the burden
  • We need to protect our children from sexually explicit behaviors, books, and media
  • We need to protect Idaho sovereignty – Lava Ridge and Idaho waterways
  • We need to protect our medical freedom
  • We need new models for educating children
  • We need alternate ways to fund public education other than taxing homeowners
  • There is a war to educate children with critical theories such as critical race theory (anti-white) and critical gender theory (transgenderism)
  • We need to reduce Medicaid significantly
  • ESG is a looming threat to our banking and financial systems

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