About Me

I was born into a military family. My father was a WW-II Navy corpsman and landed on Okinawa on the first day of the invasion. He retired as a captain in the Medical Service Corps as a hospital administrator. It goes without saying, that as a child we moved from base to base, from Philadelphia to San Diego to the Subic Bay, Philippines.

I lived most of life in California from the time I was about 10 years old moving from base to base. I took my BA from the California State University, Long Beach and then two years grad work at University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2001 I enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California and received my MDiv in 2005. I am currently working on another Master’s degree at Liberty University in Clinical Mental Healthy Counseling. This is a CACREP program. Mental Health is another passion for me since Kathy and I planted and pastored a church for 5 ½ years in Simi Valley, Calif. There I learned a lot about what people struggle with. Throughout the years I have worked as data analyst and programmer for companies such as AT&T, Latham & Watkins, Countrywide, Bank of America and Blue Cross of Idaho.

Kathy, my son and I came to Idaho 7 years ago as political refugees wanting more freedom. I lived in California most of my life. I’m pretty old so that means a long time. But I saw California change from a state that elected Republican governors to become a one-party leftist playground. Most portions of the state were conservative. Even today once you get away from the coast that is still true.

I visited Boise over 30 years ago. I fell in love with Idaho right away. It felt like the America I knew as a kid. People look you in the eye and say “howdy” and make small talk. Waving is a thing here and I love that. Over the years I visited the Treasure Valley another half-dozen times. My wife and I spent a long weekend here about 22-23 years ago looking to relocate at that time. It didn’t work out then, but Idaho remained a relocation destination for me.

But once we finally moved here, we realized that a lot of the things we are leaving in California had already taken root here in Idaho too. My assessment of Idaho is that it was out of the spotlight for a long time. Most people here hold conservative values. But many on the management team? Not so much!

I am currently a Republican precinct committeeman for precinct 39 in District 13. I have been active in the district trying to get people involved in the political process that affects their lives. I have taken a public stand against CRT and SEL in the public schools and have stood in front of the Nampa School Board to tell them. I worked to defeat the $210M school bond by the Nampa School District. I have been active as a precinct committeeman just trying to raise awareness. I was a delegate to the Republican state convention in Twin Falls in 2022. I whole-heartedly support Dorothy Moon as chairwoman of our party.

Also, I am a Platform Republican. I have signed the pledge to support the Idaho GOP platform and it is on file with the District 13 central committee of the Republican party and at the state party office. That means that I will vote in accordance with the GOP platform. To read the platform go to idgop.org and look under Party Resources. I encourage you to do this. That way you know what I stand on. I am NOT one of those people that put an “R” by their name at election time, but then vote with like a Democrat once elected. Not me. I am a Platform Republican.

I’ll stand for righteousness. When the motion was made to issue a Vote of No Confidence against Rep. Julie Yamamoto in the Canyon County Republican central committee, I stood in that assembly and spoke in favor of it. She had voted to keep sexually explicit materials accessible to minors in our public schools and libraries. This is a moral issue. There is simply no compromise about this. Also, when a motion was in District 13’s central committee to censure Rep. Kenny Wroten for the same issue (plus some others) I voted in favor of it. I will stand for righteousness. There’s simply no compromise about this. 

I look forward to speaking more with you. I invite you to contact me and tell me your concerns.

I am Steve Tanner, Candidate for Legislative District 13B and I approve this message.