We the People in Idaho have a problem. The majority of Idahoans espouse conservative values. They have strong faith ties and they believe in limited government, strong family values, and patriotism. When they go to the ballot box they vote for candidates that check these boxes. Or so they think. The problem in Idaho is that too many candidates campaign as conservatives, but when they get elected they end up voting and crafting legislation like Democrats. There are people who campaign as strong conservatives but then vote to expand government at every opportunity. Others call themselves conservatives but then vote against legislation that would require public libraries and schools to pull sexually explicit content from shelves where minors can access them. In short, if you look at their voting records, you learn that they say they are conservatives, but they vote like liberals. This cannot continue any longer. We need to Hold Them Accountable.

Hold Them Accountable is a political action committee (PAC) whose sole goal is to hold legislators, city council members, county commissioners, etc. accountable for their votes. Hold Them Accountable’s strategy is simple. We are creating effective ground teams to meet community members face-to-face in particular legislative districts. This is as simple as door-knocking or hosting space at community events. The goal of Hold Them Accountable is simply to inform voters how their legislators are voting on key votes. Hold Them Accountable focuses on legislators whose voting records deviate widely from the Idaho GOP platform as well as those legislators who disrupt the legislative process. Hold Them Accountable is beginning in Canyon County, but is also seeking to coordinate with people in other counties and districts to initiate similar strategies. 

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